Krasnodar was attacked by drones, the object was damaged (video)

The morning in Russia began with a bavovna in Krasnodar, where drones flew in.

In Krasnodar in the morning

Early in the morning, unknown drones attacked the city of Krasnodar in Russia. This is reported by the Russian media, the information is confirmed by local authorities.

According to the Baza telegram channel, the city was attacked by two drones early in the morning. One drone is said to have been shot down, while the second likely reached its intended target.

Published videos recorded by local residents also confirm that one of the drones set off a massive explosion. At the same time, photos are published showing the damaged facade of the “MTS building”.

The mayor of Krasnodar, Yevgeny Naumov, said that as a result of the attack, an office building and a residential building were damaged – windows were broken, the roof was damaged. There were no casualties. No more serious damage has been reported.

Incidents in Russia – latest news

Late in the evening in the Rostov region, “bavovna” looked at the military airfield in Morozovsk. Telegram channels have published impressive footage of the attack on the facility. It is alleged that a “Ukrainian rocket” was shot down.

A day earlier, Kremlin propagandists, while filming near the positions of Russian forces in the Belgorod region, came under fire, as they claim, from Ukrainian troops. “Military correspondents” claim that the shelling was carried out at the checkpoint in Kozinka – not far from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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