Maidan cases: the court sentenced the former security official who brought out the Berkut soldiers of the “black company”

The ex-law enforcement officer is also deprived of the right to hold any positions in law enforcement agencies for a period of 3 years and the special rank of “police lieutenant colonel”.

The defendant helped the security forces escape

The former deputy head of the department of operational developments of an interregional nature of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who took out the employees of the “black company” of Berkut and destroyed their service weapons, was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

As reported in the Office of the Prosecutor General, the ex-law enforcement officer is also deprived of the right to hold any positions in law enforcement agencies for a period of 3 years and the special rank of “police lieutenant colonel”.

In addition, the court satisfied the claim of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Kyiv against the accused for compensation for material damage in the amount of more than 677 thousand hryvnias.

“Prosecutors proved in court that the former law enforcement officer, in pursuance of a clearly criminal order, was directly involved in the removal of employees of the so-called “black company” of Berkut outside the capital in order to avoid criminal liability for committing grave and especially grave crimes,” the prosecutor’s office informs.

According to the investigation, on the evening of February 23, 2014, the said person organized the transportation of Berkut soldiers from their place of deployment in the city of Kiev to the production premises of one of the design institutes, where they were given a separate place to hide.

The next day in the morning, with his assistance, funding and under the control of the workers of the “black company” of Berkut, in groups of 2-3 people, they left the capital in the direction of the city of Nikolaev by taxi, and some of them later left Ukraine.

Also, the accused destroyed the instruments of committing crimes – service firearms, namely: 24 AKMS assault rifles, 1 Dragunov sniper rifle, 3 Fort-500 guns and 1 Fort-12 gun, which were in service with Berkut and were used against protesters.

He cut each weapon with a grinder into 3-4 parts, and also removed the markings – the serial numbers of machine guns and a sniper rifle.

Later, the ex-law enforcement officer took the destroyed weapons to the area of ​​Zhukov Island in the city of Kiev, where he drowned part of it in the tributary of the Dnieper – the Vita River, and buried the other part on the banks of the Vita.

Maidan case – what is known

As UNIAN reported, after the refusal of the then Ukrainian authorities to sign the Association Agreement with the European Union in November 2013, mass protests began on the central streets of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine. Further escalation of the confrontation led to demands for the resignation of the government and President Viktor Yanukovych, as well as clashes between protesters and law enforcement officials.

Most people died in February 2014 during clashes with security forces in the center of Kyiv, as well as from sniper bullets – more than 100 people, hundreds more were injured.

The protests, which lasted from the end of November to the end of February 2014, were called Euromaidan, Maidan, and later – the Revolution of Dignity.

As of February 2018, the investigation established 48 facts of murders and 80 facts of attempted murders of people in February 2014 in the center of the capital.

In June 2021, the court delivered the first sentence to the Berkut soldiers for dispersing the Maidan on November 30, 2013. Two ex-employees of the Berkut special forces unit, Viktor Eismont and Vladimir Mokhon, were sentenced to three years in prison.

On July 6, 2021, the Office of the Prosecutor General reported that an indictment had been sent to the court against an ex-employee of the senior staff of the Department of the Service for Combating Economic Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, who organized the removal of a combined detachment of employees of a special forces company (the so-called “black company”) of the capital regiment ” Berkut” involved in the massacres of protesters on February 20, 2014 on Institutskaya Street in Kiev, and also destroyed and hid their service firearms.

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