Maria Yaremchuk released a song for the first time in five years

This was expected even after Yaremchuk performed at Eurovision 2023.

Maria Yaremchuk at Eurovision / screenshot

Recently, Ukrainian singer Maria Yaremchuk performed at Eurovision 2023 with a powerful version of the song “Motherland”, the words to which were written by her father Nazariy Yaremchuk. Then the previous publications disappeared from Maria’s page, and she also updated her profile picture, after which the fans suggested that she would soon release a new song.

And so it happened – the discussed performance at Eurovision 2023 became the point of return to the stage, because on May 26 the artist presented a track called “Shield and Sword”.

As Maria previously said, all these five years she has been writing songs, but not only for herself, but also for other artists.

“This song is five years old. It is figurative and autobiographical. However, the listener can scale the meanings inherent in this song more widely, read it not as a personal story, but as something about the time in which we live. After all, it is about one love on all life”. It can be either love for oneself or love for one’s work, or love for one’s native country,” Maria Yaremchuk commented.

Maria Yaremchuk – “Shield and Sword”: clip

Who is Maria Yaremchuk

Maria is a Ukrainian pop singer. In the past, she took part in the Voice of the Country vocal competition, and also took third place in the New Wave 2012 competition.

In 2014, the artist represented our country at the Eurovision Song Contest. She managed to take sixth place.

Recall that Maria Yaremchuk received a standing ovation on the Eurovision stage.

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