May 26: folk customs and signs, what not to do today

The folk holiday on May 26 is known under the names of Lukerya-komarnitsa, Glykeria of Herakleia.

What holiday is today May 26 / photo

On May 26, the church honors the memory of the martyr Glyceria of Heraclius. Our ancestors sowed buckwheat on the day of Glyceria. It was believed that it was too early to sow the crop before that day, otherwise it would freeze.

On the day of Lukerya, according to old signs, mosquitoes, midges and spiders appear on the ground. Our ancestors took this as a sign that it was time to sow rye and wheat. If insects have arrived, then the weather is already warm enough for sowing.

The date of May 26 is considered to be a very auspicious date for going to the dentists and treating any problems related to the teeth. And at dentists on this day, all procedures are successful.

Since May 26, many ticks have also appeared that can carry encephalitis and other dangerous diseases. To protect yourself from them, wear long-sleeved pants and sweaters when hiking, and after a walk, inspect exposed skin.

What not to do on May 26

On this day, you can’t cry, even with joy, otherwise you will shed tears all year long.

Do not lend personal items to other people, otherwise you will give away your happiness and good luck with them.

Don’t make big purchases or spend a lot of money today or you’ll have money problems in the future.

Do not be lazy and mess around on this day, so that luck does not turn away.

Weather signs May 26

There are such signs about the weather on this day:

  • Mosquitoes fly in a large flock – for a rainy summer and for a good harvest of oats.
  • Swallows and swifts appeared – by early and hot summer.
  • If spiders appeared on this day and wove a lot of cobwebs, then this year there will be a good harvest of berries.
  • The elder has bloomed – it’s time to sow rye and wheat.
  • Bees fly far from the hive – to good weather in the coming days.
  • If it rained that day, then the rest of May will be rainy.
  • A lot of midges appeared – to a rich harvest of mushrooms.
  • Thunderstorm on May 26 – to frequent rains in summer.

It is important to note that in our time the climate has changed a lot, and not all old signs are relevant to us.

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