New iPhones will get unlimited charging: what is known

According to the media, the iPhone 15 will support 15-watt wireless charging with any accessories.

iPhone 15 will support wireless charging with any accessories / Source: MacRumors

The new iPhones, which will be released this fall, will be able to charge the smartphone using any wireless accessory, not just the branded MagSafe. This is reported by MacRumors.

It is known that in previous generations of iPhones – 12, 13 and 14 – you can only charge your smartphone at a maximum power of 15 watts using MagSafe. When using other chargers, the power will be halved, to 7.5 watts.

If the information is confirmed in practice, this may indicate that Apple’s policy is becoming more flexible, giving its users more choice.

Now everyone will have an iPhone charger

Apple previously officially confirmed that all future iPhones, starting with the iPhone 15, will switch from Lightning to USB-C. The apple company made such changes in order to comply with the requirements of the EU law on the standardization of USB connectors.

Apple is already looking for loopholes and, according to rumors, is going to limit the work of “non-native” USB-C in the iPhone 15. Thus, the USB-C cables that users already have may not be compatible (or partially compatible) with iPhones. This will affect the throughput and charging speed.

Despite the fact that the American IT giant has not yet announced the iPhone 15 line of devices, the European Union has already threatened Apple with a ban on the sale of smartphones in the EU countries for implementing such an idea.

However, given the fact that the EU law on “standardization of USB connectors” does not come into force until December 2024, and Apple usually releases new smartphones in September, the company may cut USB-C port capabilities in at least two generations of smartphones – iPhone 15 and iPhone 16.

However, according to Bloomberg, the switch to USB-C in the iPhone 15 will be a temporary solution to comply with EU law. This is because its requirements do not apply to devices without the possibility of a wired connection, while in future generations Apple will begin to phase out physical ports in favor of wireless charging.

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