“Privatbank” changed the exchange rate: how much they ask for the dollar and the euro today

The dollar in the bank has risen in price, and the euro, on the contrary, has lost in price.

The exchange rate of the cash dollar in Privatbank has risen in price by 3 kopecks – up to UAH 37.45 per dollar.

The dollar exchange rate for card payments in a banking institution is UAH 37.45, euro – UAH 40.82.

As an UNIAN correspondent reports, the euro exchange rate fell by 5 kopecks to UAH 40.70/euro.

You can sell American currency in a bank at the rate of 36.95 UAH / USD, euro – 39.70 UAH / Euro.

Exchange rate in Ukraine – expert forecasts

As UNIAN reported earlier, the situation on the foreign exchange market will remain stable and predictable under the influence of various factors, and the cash exchange rate is unlikely to undergo any significant changes. Director of the Department of Treasury of Cominbank German Marchenko told about it.

According to him, the foreign exchange market in April will be influenced by a number of factors, among which the most important are an insignificant level of inflation (for 2 months of the year, inflation in Ukraine amounted to 1.5%, which is positive for the Ukrainian economy), receiving international financial assistance, maintaining a balance between supply and demand in the cash market

As UNIAN reported earlier, the dollar exchange rate in Kyiv exchange offices today remained at the level of the previous indicator and amounts to UAH 37.60/USD. At the same time, the euro has lost 5 kopecks in price and amounts to 40.80 hryvnia/euro.

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