Resonant accident with the death of the National Guard: the head of the district court will be forced to hand over biomaterials due to alcohol

This tragedy will be under the special control of the State Bureau of Investigation.

The head of the district court, who shot down the National Guardsman, will be forced to hand over biomaterials due to the presence of alcohol in the car / photo of the State Bureau of Investigation

The State Bureau of Investigation will force the head of the district court of the Kyiv region, who knocked down a National Guardsman to death, to hand over biological materials to detect alcohol or drugs in his blood. Previously, a similar suspicion was announced to a deputy of the city council.

This was announced by the Communications Adviser of the State Bureau of Investigation Tatyana Sapyan on the air of the national telethon.

“Now it is known that he refuses to take biological samples to check whether he was intoxicated or intoxicated. The investigation is now working towards forced biological sampling. We hope there will be a decision by the end of the day,” she said.

In her opinion, the judge intentionally evades taking the analysis.

“We understand why people can do this. Moreover, a person is aware, has a legal and legal education and, accordingly, tries to protect himself … now there is enough time. I can say that during the inspection of an accident and a car, a bottle of alcohol was found,” Sapyan added.

She called the incident very resonant and therefore she will be under special control of the State Bureau of Investigation.

According to the spokesman, a number of relevant examinations are now being carried out to establish all the circumstances of this accident.

“We know that a curfew is in effect, and the accident happened after it began. A couple of minutes after the 12th night. We can assume that the car was moving at a fairly high speed because the National Guardsman was just at the checkpoint, he was just standing,” she said.

After all the examinations have been carried out, the main thing is the forced sampling of material to check for the presence of alcohol or drugs in the blood, the next step will be to declare suspicion for the judge, and then choose a preventive measure. Further, the investigation will be carried out and after its completion the indictment will be submitted to the court.

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On the night of May 26, a serviceman was shot down to death in Kyiv

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to preliminary information, on May 26, around midnight in Kyiv, a judge driving a car hit a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine. As a result of the accident, the National Guardsman died on the spot from his injuries.

As a source in law enforcement agencies told UNIAN, this is the head of the Makarovsky District Court, Aleksey tandyr.

According to social networks, the judge was very drunk, and now he is trying to avoid punishment. The network reports that the tandoor went to the hospital several times, but did not pass the tests.

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