Russia’s strike on the Dnieper: the number of victims has increased again

There is still no contact with three people who could be here.

The occupiers ended up in the hospital /

The number of people injured in the Dnieper as a result of an enemy missile attack has increased to 30. Sergey Lysak, head of the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, announced this on Telegram.

“Residential quarter. A medical facility, a veterinary clinic and high-rise buildings around. Now everything is in glass. And also in the wreckage of enemy iron. Everything was saturated with smoke, tears and human grief. There are already 30 victims, including two children. With three people who could be here, still no connection,” he wrote.

Strike on the Dnieper on May 26 – the main thing

As UNIAN reported, all night the enemy massively attacked the Dnepropetrovsk region with missiles and drones. After that, in the morning, the occupiers launched another missile strike, first hitting the clinic.

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk OVA, Serhiy Lysak, said that the fire covered 1,000 square meters. m of the affected medical facility. The three-story building is partially destroyed. The neighboring buildings were also taken over. Subsequently, it became known that a rocket had hit a veterinary clinic. High-rise buildings also suffered from the blows.

Earlier, Lysak said that as a result of today’s missile attack on the Dnieper, two people were already killed – one near the clinic, the other was found under the rubble of the veterinary clinic.

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As of 14:00, 25 victims were reported in the Dnieper. Of these, 19 were hospitalized, three of them were “severe”.

Lysak specified that the wounded children are boys aged 3 and 6, both are hospitalized, doctors assess their condition as moderate.

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