Strawberry full moon 2023: when will it be and what to expect from it

The full moon in June will come in the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Full moon in June 2023 /

The first full moon of summer 2023 is called strawberry. What is hidden behind this delicious name, when the moon becomes full and what changes to expect on this day – in the UNIAN material.

Strawberry Moon – why is it called that

Like other full moons of the year, the Indians of North America came up with the name for this. Without further ado, they gave a name to the Full Moon, observing nature. At this time, the season for picking strawberries began on the mainland, so the full moon became strawberry. But it also has other names:

  • the Chinese have the Lotus Moon;
  • the Celts have the Horse Moon;
  • the Cherokee have the Green Corn Moon;
  • in the southern hemisphere – the Oak Moon or the Cold Moon, the Moon of the Long Night.

There is another very poetic name for the Moon in June – the Full Moon of Roses.

When is the full moon in June 2023 – exact time

The first summer full moon will come on June 4 at 06:41 Kyiv time. The moon will become full in the sign of Sagittarius, and it will be possible to observe the full disk of the star the day before and after the phenomenon.

What is special about the full moon in June 2023

As already mentioned, the full moon will come in the sign of Sagittarius. According to astrologers, this fire sign will give extraordinary vivacity and a surge of strength. People during this period will become more active, open and inspired and show their best qualities. There may be a desire to change reality. Moreover, the difficulties will not frighten, but on the contrary – motivate to go further. It is worth putting in a little more effort than usual, and you can achieve huge success.

What can you do on a full moon

During any full moon, all people feel a special burst of energy. The energy of the June full moon is doubled by the energy of Sagittarius, so it is very important to direct it in the right direction.

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What to do on a full moon:

  • clean up the house, put everything in its place;
  • put up with those with whom there were conflicts;
  • be creative, bring new ideas to life;
  • meditate, devote time to taking care of the body.

Also at this time, it is important to clean up your thoughts and maintain an optimistic attitude. This is the right moment to take advantage of the positive energy of Sagittarius, look inside yourself and work on yourself. On the strawberry full moon, you can implement plans that you have been putting off for a long time – Sagittarius will give you self-confidence and become a patron.

What not to do on a full moon

During the full moon, many people become nervous and may become depressed. Emotions at this time are very strong, besides, the sign of Sagittarius draws out all the negative qualities.

What not to do on a full moon:

  • conflict is a time of various provocations that do not need to be responded to;
  • start a new job;
  • engage in heavy physical labor, take on work above the norm;
  • borrow money, make loans;
  • succumb to negative thoughts;
  • drink alcohol, heavy food.

Also at this time it is better to refuse surgical procedures, if they are not urgent, to postpone travel. To avoid trouble, astrologers advise these 2-3 days to be as calm as possible.

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