The e-justice portal with 10 times more users in 2 months

The passive access of citizens and businesses to electronic affairs has increased dramatically
(photo: CC0 Public Domain)

The number of users of the Unified Electronic Justice Portal (EPEP) has increased more than 10 times, after two months ago “Information Service” expanded and optimized its functionalities.

The number of accesses to cases granted through the EPEP has exceeded 176,000, and those requested electronically since the end of March 2023 are over 15,800, which marks an increase of over 700% on a monthly basis, compared to the period from November 2015 to 26 March of this year

After the optimization of the system, the electronic subpoenas read through user profiles are over 1,500, which is a fourfold increase compared to the previous 8 years. The data shows that after the optimization of the portal, the passive access of citizens and businesses to electronic affairs has increased dramatically.

The developed new functionality of EPEP for active access to cases, by performing procedural actions in electronic form, has enabled lawyers and litigants to successfully access over 2,400 electronic documents in 125 courts.

The optimized portal provides an opportunity for online registration of users, creation and management of profiles of legal entities (state institutions, banks, insurers, utility service providers, etc.), electronic request for access to cases, new electronic services for initiating legal proceedings , submission of documents on initiated cases and electronic payments through a virtual POS terminal.

The user interface is completely renewed, modern and dynamic, with the possibility of convenient and easy tracking of the history of court cases. A new view and organization of the electronic file folder has been built, with the possibility of a convenient review of documents, as well as available electronic service of documents, using a time authentication service.

The optimized e-justice portal was put into operation at the end of March 2023 in implementation of a project of the Supreme Judicial Council. The main goal of the project is to improve the access of citizens and businesses to e-justice by creating conditions for performing procedural actions in electronic form, electronic summons and electronic payment.

“Information Service” has started development of a mobile application of the Unified Portal for e-Justice, through which litigants, lawyers and representatives of legal entities will have the opportunity to review court cases from various mobile devices.

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