The head of the SBU on the undermining of the Crimean bridge: Some activities were carried out

Malyuk noted that the Crimean bridge is the logistical route of the occupiers.

On October 8, 2022, powerful explosions rocked the Crimean bridge / Varlamov News Telegram channel

The head of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk, commented on rumors about the alleged involvement of the Ukrainian special services in undermining the Crimean bridge in the fall of 2022.

In an interview with journalist Dmitry Komarov, Malyuk refused to specify any details and limited himself to only hints. Separately, Malyuk noted that the Crimean bridge is the logistical route of the occupiers.

“According to our and international current legislation and the customs and traditions of warfare, given that it was a logistical route that we were obliged to cut off the enemy … Some measures were carried out, but I won’t talk about such details at all,” the head replied. SBU.

Malyuk also added that the SBU is monitoring the investigation of the alleged “terror attack” in Russia, in which, according to the head of the SBU, more than 20 people have been detained – citizens of the Russian Federation.

“In the Russian Federation, a pseudo-investigation is being carried out about what happened to the Crimean bridge. They qualify it there in their own way as a terrorist attack, they detained more than 20 of their fellow citizens … We’d better watch this,” Malysh said.

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Undermining the Crimean bridge – the main thing

In October 2022, a powerful explosion rocked the Crimean Bridge. “Cotton” collapsed several spans of the roadbed, in particular, the explosion damaged the railway communication.

Now the passage through the Crimean bridge has been completely restored by the occupiers, but Ukraine has never hidden that it will be the main target of defeat during the de-occupation of Crimea, which, in turn, both the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov and President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about. Expert Aleksey Arestovich later noted that, first of all, in the Crimea, the Kerch bridge would come under attack.

At the first stage, the Ukrainian forces will have to deliver long-range strikes against the military infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, at the second – to hit other important targets for the invaders in order to make the peninsula unsuitable for the troops of the army of the aggressor country, the former commander of the US Army in Europe, Lieutenant General in Retired Ben Hodges.

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