Can Russia shoot down Storm Shadow: in Britain they answered with irony

The analyst admitted that the “interception” of these missiles could be part of the Russian IPSO.

These missiles are capable

Sky News analyst Sean Bell responded to numerous Russian claims about allegedly intercepted Storm Shadow missiles. He urged that such claims be treated with caution, as the Russians have repeatedly lied about their air defense capabilities.

The channel notes that over the past 24 hours, Russian propagandists have written about at least two downed Storm Shadows.

“When Russia claims it, we can never be sure if it’s true,” Bell said. The analyst added that these projectiles are very difficult to intercept, although he did not rule it out.

At the same time, Bell emphasized that the Russians had said the same about the “destroyed” HIMARS: “Part of this may be part of an information operation.”

In this context, Bell also mentioned Ukraine’s successful use of the Patriot, which resulted in the downing of the Kinzhal. And this, the analyst believes, Putin did not like very much.

“The reality is that we don’t really know the truth about this, but one clue we do know is that the West is supplying smart weapons to Ukraine, which gives an asymmetric advantage,” he added.

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Storm Shadows in Ukraine – essentials

Storm Shadows are long-range air-launched cruise missiles that can carry a 450 kg conventional warhead for a range of up to 300 km. Missiles are designed to destroy deeply fortified static targets.

In fact, the UK became the first Western country to officially transfer long-range cruise missiles with a range of at least 250 km to Ukraine on May 11, 2023.

According to Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov, all Storm Shadow hits were effective: “Of the total number of Storm Shadow launches that have already taken place, all 100% hit targets. 100% on 100%.”

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