Taurus – a lifeline, Pisces – a terrible fright: a horoscope for Tarot cards for May 28

Aries should keep track of time and their things.

Tarot cards promise Gemini a surge of strength and energy / photo ua.depositphotos.com

On Sunday, May 28, Taurus will get a chance to escape from all problems. But Pisces should be more careful, a situation is possible that will frighten them greatly. What awaits other signs of the Zodiac on this day – read in the horoscope using Tarot cards below.


Aries should keep track of time and their things. On this day, you can be late and lose something very valuable. Be careful not to let accidents ruin everything.


On May 28, Taurus will be very happy, they will receive the coveted lifeline. Someone decides to give you a helping hand, support and care will heal your wounds. Be grateful for everything they do for you.


Tarot cards promise Gemini a surge of strength and energy. Try to direct your abilities in the right direction, do not waste time on trifles. Work on your success, everything will work out.


Cancerians will receive unexpected news, a call from a person from the past may surprise you greatly. Do not give in to emotions, new information must be soberly assessed. Perhaps you should consult with one of your friends.

a lion

Lions should give up bad habits. Take care of your health and don’t take risks for a moment’s pleasure. On this day, you should think about something serious and important.


Tarot cards promise Virgo trouble. You can quarrel with a close friend because of a banal misunderstanding. Learn to listen to people and try to compromise.


On this day, Libra should let go of the situation. Do not try to change anything, events will develop regardless of how you feel about them. Observe and draw conclusions.


A turning point has come in the life of Scorpios. You can change everything, but only if you are 100% ready for it. Think it over several times, and if you decide – act.


Tarot cards promise Sagittarius rest and long-awaited joy. You can spend the day with friends and family without thinking about everything else. Do not forget your relatives, they are also waiting for your attention.


May 28 Capricorns should think about whether they like their work. Perhaps you deserve much more, but for some reason you “bury” your talent. Do not listen to your complexes and fears, you can really reveal yourself in something new.


On this day, Aquarius can relax. All problems will be solved by themselves, your participation is not required. Enjoy sudden good fortune and don’t think about what will happen tomorrow.


Tarot cards promise Pisces a difficult day. You can be very scared, which will negatively affect your mood. However, if you manage not to panic, then you can understand that everything is not so bad.

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