Scorpions – a crunch of banknotes, Aries – an explosive scandal: a horoscope for Tarot cards for May 29

Taurus will be able to achieve success at work.

Gemini can be very upset / photo

On Monday, May 29, Scorpions will be able to get rich, they will hear the crunch of banknotes. Unlucky Aries, they run the risk of being at the epicenter of an explosive scandal. What Tarot cards promise to other signs of the Zodiac – read in the horoscope below.


Trouble lurks near you, they want to drag you into a very unpleasant scandal. Aries are waiting for an explosion of emotions and unpleasant conversations, be as careful as possible. Try not to provoke others.


On this day, Taurus will be able to achieve success at work. Feel free to take the initiative, but try not to violate other people’s boundaries. Not everyone can appreciate your efforts, enemies will always find a reason for envy.


May 29 Gemini can be very upset. Tears and sad thoughts await you, they can knock you out of your usual rhythm. Give yourself some time to rest, but don’t “get wet” for the day.


Tarot cards advise Cancers to give up expensive purchases. You should start saving and value your money. It is better to spend time with friends, such moments are much more important than any expenses.

a lion

Lviv is waiting for a pleasant day, you should not worry and be afraid of problems. Good luck will be on your side and save you from all problems. So do what you planned.


On May 29, Virgos will have to sweat, they will be “overwhelmed” with deeds. However, do not panic, you can handle everything. By the evening you will have forgotten about the troubles and will be able to relax.


Tarot cards advise Libra to treat yourself to new clothes. Go shopping and spend money on what you like. So you will be able to please yourself and switch to positive emotions.


Scorpios can hit the jackpot. On this day, they will hear the crunch of banknotes, money will stick to them like a magnet. “Squeeze” the maximum out of this chance, do not lose this opportunity.


Sagittarius will learn to understand others. A frank conversation awaits you, which will clarify a lot. Insight will help you move forward and not quarrel with people.


Tarot cards promise joyful little things to Capricorns. The day will be full of pleasant moments, the whole world seems to have decided to reward you for something. Enjoy and do only good deeds.


May 29 Aquarius is better not to mess with people who can harm them. Stop arguing and don’t make promises to anyone. You should move away from influential people.


Pisces will be able to do what they have long dreamed of. However, by the evening you can understand that this desire was not so significant. Try not to be disappointed, but draw conclusions.

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