Gemini – divorce, Cancers – career round: tarot card horoscope for May 30

Aries are waiting for replenishment, they learn that soon another person will appear in their family.

The lions will have to collect the stones they scattered / photo

On Tuesday, May 30, Gemini may find out that their relationship has come to an end. And Cancers are waiting for interesting events and a career round. What Tarot cards predict other signs of the Zodiac – read in the horoscope below.


Aries are waiting for replenishment, they learn that soon another person will appear in their family. This news may shock you, but try to look for the positive in everything. Soon you will realize that you were worried in vain.


Taurus will make new friends, interesting acquaintances await you. Do not close in yourself and be kinder, then people will begin to be interested in you. You can find a like-minded person who will become your true ally.


Tarot cards promise Gemini trouble in their personal lives. You may find out that a loved one has been unfaithful. Divorce and betrayal need to be experienced, find strength in yourself.


On May 30, Rakov is waiting for a career round. You will be able to realize yourself and discover new talents in yourself, fate decided to give you a chance to get rich. Try not to miss it and do not be afraid of difficult challenges.

a lion

The lions will have to collect the stones that they scattered and stubbornly thought that the consequences would not overtake them. Tarot cards advise representatives of this sign to admit mistakes and not give up. The world will not collapse, you just need to draw conclusions.


Virgos will have their heads in the clouds and forget what they promised their friends. Luckily, you don’t have to make excuses. Sometimes small “pranks” get away with it, but don’t get carried away.


Libras should pay attention to their health. This does not mean that you need to urgently run to the doctor. Start exercising, do a warm-up or go for a run.


Tarot cards promise Scorpions romance and affection. You will be surrounded by care, a loved one will want to solve all your problems. However, do not abuse kindness, you should not put all the troubles on other people’s shoulders.


May 30 Sagittarius will be able to act as a judge. You will have to find yourself in the epicenter of a difficult situation and choose one of the sides. Make the right choice, a lot depends on it.


On this day, Capricorns will be upset, ill-wishers will try to disrupt all your plans. Be calm, sooner or later all evil people will be overtaken by the “boomerang effect”. Let go of negativity and forgive all offenders.


Aquarians need to think about change. You sit too long in one place and begin to realize that you have reached the ceiling. Expand your horizons and move only forward.


Pisces will face the fact that someone will try to deceive you. However, you will already know about the lie, and therefore will be able to expose the hypocritical friend. Do not forgive and do not listen to excuses, they are all lies.

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