Virgos – criticism, Lions – losses: horoscope for May 31 according to Tarot cards

The day will be difficult for some signs.

Horoscope for May 31 by Tarot cards / photo

Esotericists have made a forecast for May 31, 2023 for all signs of the Zodiac. Find out what awaits your zodiac sign on this day.


Situations may arise that you cannot control. Therefore, the ideal option is to lay low and just see what happens next. Don’t jump on the rampage.


On this day, you will be able to rethink and change a lot in your life. Also, the Universe has prepared a surprise for you – a person with whom you can have love at first sight.


Tarot cards say that you should pay attention to your health, especially to the gastrointestinal tract. Do not eat fatty and spicy foods, and avoid alcohol.


Astrologers advise you to stop comparing your ex-partner with your current one. This is devastating to your relationship. Better enjoy the time spent together and take care of each other.

a lion

You should pull yourself together, because from a certain confused state you can lose something valuable. Keep your wallet, phone and keys with you. Forgetfulness may also occur.


Tomorrow you may be criticized by people you don’t know well. Do not take everything to heart, so as not to be upset. Remember: the taste and color of all felt-tip pens are different!


The day will be favorable for gaining new knowledge. Sign up for continuing education courses. There you can find new acquaintances that will benefit you.


Your mood will change throughout the day. It will depend on how your day goes. Tune in to the positive to get a lot of good emotions.


On this day, you can reach a compromise with a person with whom you previously could not find a common language on some issues. Make concessions, be more friendly and open.


You may have a business conversation with new partners. Remember: self-presentation is very important. The better you show yourself, the more likely you are to make a promising deal.


Tomorrow, Aquarius will be offended by everything and everyone. Not even a bad joke can piss you off. It is possible that in the evening you will cry into your pillow. Well, that’s sometimes useful too.


You will be the center of attention. The opposite sex will be watching you closely. Feel free to flirt and start new relationships.

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