ASBIS starts distribution of a new European brand ENDORFY

ENDORFY enters the Bulgarian market with its complete portfolio of PC components and accessories
(photo: ENDORFY)

The IT distributor ASBIS Bulgaria begins to offer the products of ENDORFY on the domestic market – a new European brand created by Cooling, owner of SPC Gear and SilentiumPC, which undertook international expansion and the expansion of its target audience.

ENDORFY goes beyond the gaming sector, wanting to reach all fans of modern technology, both with its message and its products. The brand enters the Bulgarian market with its full portfolio of PC components and accessories, incl. PC cases, cooling systems, power supplies, mice, keyboards, microphones, etc.

The creation of the ENDORFY brand is a response to the dynamically changing technological market, ASBIS commented. It is also a long-term investment that will ensure further growth of the company in the global market.

“Following the success in local markets, the next natural step for us is further expansion,” says Lukasz Zdieh, CEO of Cooling. “We have already seen promising results in several foreign markets such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, etc. However, the time has come to significantly increase the scale of our activity”.

Cooling is ambitious to be present in the markets of almost all of Europe, incl. Bulgaria, and in the future also throughout the world. “We want to compete with the biggest companies in the industry,” Zdieh said.

“We come from the world of gaming and we will always recognize that. However, our audience has long since changed. It’s not just made up of gamers, but also content creators, streamers, podcasters, writers or casual users who don’t need games at all to enjoy technology,” explains the manager.

In response to these dynamic changes, the company decided to adapt the brand to be relevant to both the gaming and non-gaming audiences. “We want to be a brand associated with positive emotions delivered by technology,” explains Zdieh.

ENDORFY’s image is based on a unique color palette. The two main colors are yellow and blue, supported by black, white and various shades of gray.

Key products in the ENDORFY portfolio:

  • Cases for personal computers, incl. the long-awaited and already award-winning Arx 700 series, focused on quality, efficient cooling and ease of assembly;
  • Liquid cooler from the Navis series /F240, F280 and F360 /– ensuring silent operation and quality cooling;
  • Solum Studio & Solum Broadcast microphones – a solution that provides clear sound and maximum comfort during long hours of recording;
  • Thock Keyboard Series – a series of wireless keyboards that eliminates tangled cables;
  • GEM and GEM Plus mice in “Onyx White” color – combining high accuracy and original design with a unique color scheme;
  • Viro series of headphones, including Viro Infra, Viro and Viro Plus;
  • High quality Scrim and Meta gaming chairs.

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