Do this if the air conditioner is leaking: a simple solution to the problem

Air conditioners and other appliances require regular timely maintenance, so do not ignore this so that they last as long as possible.

Air conditioning is a useful device in the house, but requiring attention / photo

Sometimes during operation, the air conditioner may start to leak, and it is the indoor unit in the room. This can cause damage to furniture and other interior items, and even the entire repair – with peeled wallpaper and swollen laminate.

Therefore, today we will learn what to do if water drips from the air conditioner, and consider the causes of the leak both indoors and outdoors.

Water flowing out of the air conditioner is generally normal, as condensation forms during its operation, and it needs to go somewhere. If everything works as it should, the condensate accumulates in a special pan, from where it leaves through the drainage. All of you have come across water dripping on your head from the “air conditioner” – this is the same condensate that the installers brought out just to where.

The outdoor unit air conditioner is leaking – is this normal?

Speaking about why water drips from the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, you should first understand what is happening in general. After all, if you turned it on in the heating mode (“heat”, Heat), then the leak from the outdoor unit is normal. Condensation appears on the heat exchanger and it actually flows out.

One of the reasons why the air conditioner is leaking on the street is the temperature difference / photo

On the other hand, this behavior may signal a problem. To find out why the air conditioner is flowing on the street, you should:

  • check the refrigerant level and, if necessary, fill the system with freon;
  • check the evaporator for contamination and clean it if necessary;
  • check the pressure in the freon line, it may be necessary to install a pressure regulator.

By the way, the greater the difference between the temperature outside and the set temperature in the room, the more condensate will appear.

Why the air conditioner is crying and how not to sob yourself

Now let’s dwell on the question of why water drips from the air conditioner into the apartment. There are more reasons why this can happen than in the case of an external block.

One of these may be a clogged drain tube, so it needs to be cleaned.

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Another option could be damage to this tube – for example, a crack, or a leaky connection somewhere at the joints. In the case of damage, the tube should be replaced with a whole one, and in the second scenario, it is enough to seal the “seams”. By the way, not only the pipes, but also the drain pan can crack.

The lack of freon is the probable reason why the air conditioner drips after turning off / photo

Also, the air conditioner may leak due to freon leakage. In this case, call the service center and wait for specialists. They will find the leak, seal it and fill the system with this gas to the desired pressure. With a lack of freon, by the way, the air conditioner drips after turning it off already, since the heat exchanger / evaporator freezes. And if you turn off the air conditioner, the accumulated ice quickly begins to melt, the pan overflows, and water flows out.

It is also better to call the masters if the passages for the outflow of liquid are clogged. Although in this case, you can try to cope on your own and clean the passage with a thin wire.

Sometimes the cause of the problem may not be defects in the device or other parts, but … a human factor. More precisely, incorrect installation, due to which water does not flow into the drainage, but onto your wallpaper. In this case, we recommend finding normal installers with hands and brains in the right places.

Sometimes water drips from the air conditioner due to improper installation / photo

Air conditioner leaking – what to do

As we already wrote, if the problem is minor, like a clogged drain pipe, you can try to clean it yourself. But it is better to call the masters, they will immediately check other air conditioning systems. Only if you do everything yourself, be sure to unplug the device from the outlet!

And if we talk about whether it is possible to turn on the air conditioner if it is leaking … If this is not related to its normal operation, then it is better not to. Deal with the problem first.

Air conditioning requires regular timely care / photo

And don’t forget that air conditioners, boilers, and other appliances require regular timely maintenance, so don’t ignore this so that they last as long as possible (and you don’t void your warranty).

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