Happy International Children’s Day 2023: beautiful cards and poems for June 1

We publish beautiful postcards and touching poems on Children’s Day.

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June 1 is celebrated as International Children’s Day around the world. The holiday was established in Paris in 1949 at the initiative of the Women’s International Democratic Federation to draw attention to the problems faced by children. Traditionally, fairs, sales and entertainment events for children are organized for the celebration. Schoolchildren on this day rejoice at the beginning of summer vacation.

Unfortunately, Children’s Day 2023 in Ukraine is taking place in the context of a full-scale war. Hundreds of thousands of children have been forced to temporarily leave the country, tens of thousands are waiting for air raids in shelters, thousands are living in a war zone. The war touched the life of every little Ukrainian. Therefore, on this holiday, it is especially important for adults to support children and show that we are always there.

Congratulations on Children’s Day 2023 in verse and prose

All over the world this day

The main holiday for children.

Happy Children’s Day –

Both girls and boys!

Good summer days to you,

Less clouds in the sky

Run, jump, have fun

Spinning in a whirlwind of joy!


Here comes the summer

Today is the first day!

Gave the necessary holiday

Holiday for all children.

Let it be light, bright,

Full of magic.

Let happiness and gifts

Eyes glow.

Children’s laughter does not stop,

Ringing across the country.

All desires are fulfilled

And good beckons!


I wish the children of the whole Earth

Grow in love and affection.

Bad so you don’t know

And everyone lived like in a fairy tale!

So that only the best is always

You got it in your life

And bright sun from heaven

All the kids were smiling!


Sweet holiday is coming –

All Children’s Day

He unites the family

Makes closer, relatives.

Let there be a peaceful childhood

Ringing laughter does not stop,

Let it fly from heart to heart

Happiness joyful hello.


Who is the most precious person in the world?

Yes, of course, our children!

Happy Children’s Day

I hasten to congratulate you soon!

Be happy, healthy

Measure updates more often,

To grow in love big,

They could do everything!


The coolest holiday

Comes in summer.

He is filled with joy

Laughter, sun, light.

June first

Congratulations baby –

Boys and girls.

We wish them happiness!

After all, for them today

Everything that is in the world.

The main thing is to be

All children are happy!


Happy Children’s Day!

Let gentle laughter ring

Days run faster

Joy burns in the heart.

May goodness and love

Always win

And carries again and again

Let everything and always!


On the first day of summer

I congratulate you

Happy Children’s Day,

And let sonorous, childish

Laughter doesn’t stop

On my planet.

May our children

They will be happy

Grow in kindness and love

And in the peaceful sky

meeting the sun,

People become good.


Happy Children’s Day! Children are our most valuable asset! I wish that there will always be an opportunity to create a happy childhood for them, full of health, joy, love and knowledge!


Happy Children’s Day! May the children be healthy, happy and loved. Let small beginnings become big victories. Let your eyes shine with smiles. May there be many faithful and sympathetic friends.


Happy Children’s Day! May our children always remain cheerful and cheerful, may they feel only love and support from their parents! I want them all to be happy, and the sky above their heads was always peaceful.


Happy Children’s Day! Childhood is a wonderful time when spring is always in the soul! May our children be smart, healthy and happy! I wish joy and prosperity to all the children on this wonderful day!


Congratulations to the children of Ukraine! Health to all and clear days! Let peace come sooner in Ukraine, and let all Ukrainian children no longer know the horrors of war!

Postcards and pictures Happy Children’s Day 2023

Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com
Happy Children's Day pictures / ua.depositphotos.com

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