June 2: folk customs and signs of the weather, what is forbidden to do

The folk holiday on June 2 is known under the names Oleksandr the gardener, Falaley the borage, Falaleev day.

What holiday is today June 2 / photo Kanenori, Pixabay

Orthodox believers on June 2 commemorate the martyrs Falaley and Alexander. Our ancestors called this saint the Borage, since the day of his memory is considered extremely successful for planting cucumbers. In the southern regions of Ukraine, late varieties of cucumbers can already be sown, and in the northern regions, seedlings of ordinary varieties can be planted.

Our ancestors had many superstitions about planting cucumbers. Cucumbers were sown early in the morning and alone. It was believed that during work, none of the neighbors should see the gardener, otherwise there would be no good harvest due to the evil eye. The sowing process was hidden even from relatives.

In addition to cucumbers, zucchini, melons, pumpkins, watermelons, and corn were also sown. The day was considered good for landing only if there was no wind. If it was windy on June 2, then the sowing work was postponed.

The date of June 2 is considered auspicious for a matchmaking, wedding and marriage, and in general for any love affairs. At the same time, our ancestors did not really like to arrange a wedding in early June, since the harvest was not yet ripe and there was nothing to feed the guests.

People born on June 2 are very charismatic and active. They have a wide range of interests and many friends. Willingly try everything new, not afraid of failure. They often have large families. Such people are destined for a difficult, but fascinating fate.

What not to do on June 2

On June 2, you can’t tell your dream if you had a nightmare, otherwise it will come true. In a dream on the night of June 1-2, you may dream of a person who will tell an unpleasant truth – you should not deny his words.

Fishing is prohibited on June 2, as spawning continues during this period. Fishing can harm the pond.

Signs of the weather on June 2

There are such signs about the weather on this day:

  • The bees have become aggressive and often sting – to rainy weather.
  • A lot of spiders appeared – for hot and dry weather in the coming days.
  • If a thunderstorm thunders on June 2, then this year’s harvest will be good.
  • Morning dew portends sunny weather, as well as rapid plant growth.
  • Ducks swim and dive all day – to soon rain.
  • If in the evening a lot of bats flew out to hunt, then the coming days will be rainy.
  • If it rains on June 1 and 2, then the rest of the month, on the contrary, will be dry.

It is important to note that in our time the climate has changed a lot, and not all old signs are relevant to us.

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