Don’t make this mistake: the secret is revealed, is it possible to store food in foil

We tell you why you can’t use foil to store salads and salted fish.

In this article, you will learn what can be stored in aluminum foil / photo

Aluminum foil has long been considered almost the main “helper” in the kitchen. It does not allow fat to pass through, retains moisture and evenly distributes the temperature, making it excellent for baking dishes. However, not everyone knows that food can be stored in foil.

There is a myth that foil is only suitable for baking dishes. In fact, this is not so. We tell you what can be stored in aluminum foil and how long products can be in such a “package”.

What can be stored in foil

Foil is great for storing greens. you can pack celery, lettuce, parsley and dill. You will be surprised, but bundles of greens wrapped in foil are stored much longer than in cellophane or cling film.

In addition, it can store products with a strong odor. Aluminum foil keeps unpleasant and harsh odors out. So if you need to leave in the fridge fish or dishes with garlic sauce – wrap them in foil.

What can not be stored in foil

An experienced hostess will easily answer why it is impossible to store food in foil. This is dangerous, but not for all products.

Do not store foods and dishes with a high content of salt and acid in foil. The aluminum will react, causing the food to have an unpleasant metallic taste. Moreover, salty foods become dangerous to health after being stored in foil.

The following products should not be left in foil:

  • fruits (categorically it is impossible to store citrus fruits, apples and pineapples in foil);
  • tomatoes (in any form);
  • pickles and marinades (neither pickled cucumbers, nor sauerkraut, nor pickled vegetables can be left in the foil);
  • ram, herring and all other types of salted fish;
  • ham, sausages, salted meat;
  • salty cheese.

Many may have a question, how then to bake meat or fish in foil if this material reacts with salt and spices. The answer is simple: feel free to send vegetables or meat in foil to the grill or oven, but salt the dish just before serving.

After baking, it is better to transfer the products to a dish or other container. Can you store baked fish in foil? Yes, but only if you package completely cooled fish, warm dishes can spoil and become dangerous. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to store chicken in foil will be similar. Raw meat, as well as cooked meat, will “live” perfectly in foil, but do not forget that the products must be packaged chilled.

How long can you store food in foil

The shelf life of food in foil may vary. It all depends on the type of food and storage conditions. Products can be stored in foil, on average, no more than three days. However, if it is green, then it will not deteriorate at all even after a week.

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Also, not everyone knows whether it is possible to freeze meat in foil. It turns out that foil is suitable for this type of storage and does an excellent job of this task. It prevents frost and keeps food fresh. You can freeze meat, fish, prepared meals by wrapping them in aluminum foil.

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