Saturn retrograde will forever change the lives of two zodiac signs: they will be in shock

Already in June, the fate of the representatives of these zodiac signs will begin to change with incredible force.

Capricorns will have to face great difficulties / photo

The period of retrograde Saturn, which begins on June 17 and will last until November, will forever change the lives of the two signs of the Zodiac. Already this month they will understand that “as before” will never be. And if one sign of the Zodiac does not like the changes, then the second will be delighted with unprecedented happiness.

Retrograde Saturn, according to astrologers, most often “hit” the career and plans. During this period, people may be late, lose something important, let colleagues down and not keep promises. Who should concentrate as much as possible so as not to drown in trouble, and who can expect joyful events – read below.


In the life of Gemini, everything will begin to change very quickly. Astrologers believe that Saturn retrograde will not bring disaster to the representatives of this zodiac sign. Instead, between June and November, they will reach all the heights that they dreamed of.

To realize their goals, Gemini should focus on their hard work. You should refrain from disputes and scandals, instead you need to focus on goals. Do whatever the boss asks you to do, it will pay off with interest, you will be delighted with the reward.


Capricorns will have to face great difficulties. Retrograde Saturn decided to test the strength of the representatives of this zodiac sign. The coming months will be very difficult, according to astrologers.

During this period, you will have to grow up, take responsibility for mistakes and learn to understand people. Try to cope with the shock of difficulties, curb your emotions. If you successfully get out of all difficult situations, you will have a long-awaited vacation.

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