“Down and feathers flew”: Russian showman Sergei Sosedov made a scandal in the hotel (video)

He lashed out at the staff because of the noise.

Sosedov made a scandal in Vitebsk / YouTube screenshot

Russian showman Sergey Sosedov, who became famous thanks to his participation in the Ukrainian vocal show “X-factor”, made a scandal in a hotel in Vitebsk.

Sosedov is already known for his antics, and now he has completely confirmed his imbalance. The nervous showman went down from his room to the reception and started yelling at the staff.

“I hear all the time: “Bah, bang, bang.” Explain who is doing this? Because it’s just sabotage!

One of the visitors to the hotel tried to calm Sosedov, but he did not seem to be going to stop.

“Sergey Sosedov made a riot in one of the hotels in Vitebsk. Fluff and feathers flew, fluff and feathers,” the Russian media write, referring to an interview with showman Alena Zhigalova, when he said that he was a non-scandalous person, but if someone touches him, then down and feathers will fly from everyone.

Scandalous antics of Sergei Sosedov

Sergey Sosedov became famous after he became a judge of the show “X-factor” in Ukraine. For many years he was a mentor to young artists. However, after a full-scale Russian invasion, he supported the aggressor country. In addition, he spoke sharply negatively about the artists who left Russia because of the war.

For example, he believes that Pugacheva, who condemned the war, thought too much of herself. According to him, the journalists and the environment, who praised the singer, are to blame for the “greatness” of the Diva.

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