Military assistance to Ukraine: Norway allocates 22 million euros for spare parts for Leopard 2

This amount will also finance the purchase of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The funds will in particular go to spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks / photo

Norway allocates 22 million euros to the European Peace Fund, which finances military support for Ukraine. The corresponding agreement was signed by the European Union and Norway today.

As stated on the website of the European Council, the Norwegian government announced a voluntary contribution to the European Peace Fund to help Ukraine on February 14th. Today’s signature formalizes this decision and ensures that the agreement can enter into force.

“Responding to the needs of Ukraine, Norway has allocated this amount specifically for the supply of ammunition and spare parts for Leopard 2 tanks,” the report says.

It is noted that this is the second financial contribution of Norway to the European Peace Fund, which increases its total contribution to NOK 400 million (approximately 36.5 million euros).

European Peace Fund for Ukraine – what is known

The European Peace Fund was created in March 2021 to finance all measures of the common foreign and security policy related to military and defense issues. In total, within the framework of the European Peace Fund, 3.6 billion euros were allocated for weapons for Ukraine.

In June, the Council of Ministers of the European Union for Foreign Affairs increased the overall financial threshold of the European Peace Fund by 3.5 billion euros.

Last week, the EU proposed the creation of a special fund within the framework of the European Peace Fund for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine in the amount of up to 5 billion euros per year for the next four years.

Ukraine uses tanks donated by the allies in the war

At the same time, during the counteroffensive, the loss of equipment is inevitable. So, it was reported that several Leopard 2 tanks were lost during attacks in the Zaporozhye direction on June 8

Earlier, Germany announced that it had reached an agreement with Poland on the repair of Leopard tanks. Now German tanks for Ukraine will be repaired in the Polish city of Gliwice.

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