Russia mined approaches to Ukrainian ports: the United States revealed the Kremlin’s plan

The states believe that Russia can carry out attacks on civilian shipping in the Black Sea.

Russia mined approaches to Ukrainian ports / photo

Russia may be preparing a new provocation in Cherny to blame Ukraine for it. US Charg√© d’Affaires to the OSCE Catherine Brooker said that the aggressor country had planted additional sea mines on the approaches to Ukrainian ports to undermine civilian ships.

“Last week, the United States shared information with the international community warning that Russia intends to expand attacks on Ukrainian grain facilities. Russia did just that. We believe that Russia may carry out attacks on civilian shipping in the Black Sea. According to our information, Russia has planted additional sea mines on the approaches to Ukrainian ports,” Ukrinform quoted Brooker as saying at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council on Russian Missile Attacks on Ukraine.

According to her, Russia is doing this to justify any attacks on civilian ships in the Black Sea, and subsequently blame Ukraine for these attacks.

“While condemning Russia for bombing Ukrainian port cities and export infrastructure, we must remain vigilant about how Russia is trying to expand the conflict and continue to blame others for its bad faith,” Brooker added.

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The situation in the Black Sea and Russian attacks on Ukrainian ports

After withdrawing from the “grain agreement” on July 17, Russia began a massive attack on the Ukrainian port infrastructure. On the night of July 19, the Russians attacked the port of Chernomorsk, destroying 60,000 tons of grain that was supposed to go to China. During the attack on the night of July 24, the Russians attacked the Danube port facilities in the Odessa region with drones.

In addition, Russia has threatened to attack all civilian ships heading for Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that they would regard these ships as carrying military cargo.

The United States responded to these threats. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stressed that the United States is not ready to announce any measures to support ships sailing to Ukrainian ports after the statements of the Russian Defense Ministry.

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