All that remains is to throw it away: 5 things that cannot be washed with conditioner

We tell you what clothes cannot be washed with conditioner and what other things this applies to.

Is it possible to wash bed linen with air conditioning and other things - tips / UNIAN collage, photo

Not all housewives know where they should not add fabric softener. It turned out that many things simply will not survive such washing – you will not understand this right away, but over time, the important properties of the fabrics will disappear, and the clothes will lose their function.

In what cases does fabric softener spoil things – remember forever

Most of the conditioners that we “automatically” add when washing contain surfactants. These substances have a detrimental effect on certain types of tissue, which means they “kill” things. There is a list of items that should never be washed this way.

  • Terry towels

There is nothing better than picking up a fragrant towel and pressing it to your body after a hot bath or shower. However, it turned out that it is the air conditioner that worsens the absorbency of such a hygiene item and also increases the drying time. If you use conditioner constantly, the terry will absorb it and over time it will begin to emit an unpleasant odor.

  • Sportswear

Professional items for athletes are made of fabric that can quickly wick away moisture and is also endowed with antibacterial properties. Due to the conditioner, the impregnation (as well as the structure of the fabric) is destroyed, and sportswear turns into ordinary clothing.

  • Down jackets and jackets

It is not recommended to wash winter outerwear of this type with air conditioning due to the fact that under its influence the filling of a down jacket or jacket will clump faster. This is especially true if you do not use laundry balls – be sure that by adding conditioner to the CMA tray, you will then get a jacket that has forever lost its attractive appearance.

  • Elastic clothing

Any stretch items will not survive washing with conditioner – it destroys the fabric’s ability to be elastic. This may not happen after the first time, but regular cleaning this way will send your favorite jeans or dress to the trash.

  • Silk underwear

And not just linen – any clothes made from silk should not be washed with conditioner added. Otherwise, beautiful silk items will lose their natural shine and will also end up with stains that will be difficult to remove later.

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That is, if you don’t understand whether panties can be washed with conditioner, make sure that they are not silk. Any other material will normally “survive” such a product.

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