MELOVIN reported the death of relatives in the war

His loved ones defended Ukraine at the front.

The singer said that he lost loved ones in the war /

Ukrainian singer MELOVIN said that among his family and friends there are those who, from the first days of the full-scale Russian invasion, stood up to defend their homeland.

Some of them continue to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and some died in battles for Ukraine.

“They won’t smile at me anymore,” the artist said in an interview with UNIAN.

He also told how he reacts to the hate directed at him due to the fact that he himself did not take up arms and did not go to the front.

“When they throw something at me, “Why aren’t you at the front?”, I don’t react. What should I do? Quarrel in the comments with these people? I don’t want to. Perhaps it’s also hard for them, maybe they also lost someone at the front. “Everyone is traumatized. You just either treat people positively or drown in your negativity,” the singer added.

Let us remind you that earlier MELOVIN admitted why he did not go to the front. According to him, he has not yet received a summons, but he is afraid to volunteer. He added that he does not feel guilty for not being at the front.

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