Only a real IQ titan will see a dog in the snow in 10 seconds: a breathtaking optical illusion

When you are ready to complete the task, start the stopwatch.

Find a dog very quickly among the snow / UNIAN collage with photo

Perhaps your intelligence quotient (IQ) is off the charts and you don’t know it. To find out if you can be called a mental titan, it’s worth trying to cope with a fascinating optical illusion.

In the picture in a snowy amusement park among dinosaurs, you need to find a dog as quickly as possible. IQ titans will be able to find a hidden animal in the snow in 10 seconds.

Try to quickly switch your attention from object to object, and then you will have a much better chance of meeting the allotted amount of time. If you are ready, turn on the stopwatch and quickly look for the dog in the optical illusion.

Find a dog among the snow in 10 seconds / UNIAN collage

This optical illusion is very difficult, so you can help yourself a little – just zoom in on the picture.

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Don’t be afraid to start doing a task over and over again several times if you don’t get it right the first time. The brain, like muscles, is worth training.

The dog was near the lower left corner of the picture / collage UNIAN

This is a complex puzzle published earlier

In the picture you need to find a crow among a large number of cranes.

This task is not easy, since the birds are depicted in flight. It was noted that only those people who are endowed with extraordinary abilities can solve this puzzle in 10 seconds.

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