Weapons supplies to Ukraine are slowing down: the Czech President assessed the situation

Pavel predicts that as war fatigue grows, pressure will grow to “end the conflict with some kind of agreement.”

The President of the Czech Republic assessed the situation with arms supplies to Ukraine / photo

Czech President Petr Pavel said that supplies to Ukraine of weapons necessary to achieve success on the battlefield are still being slowed down and do not reach the required level. He made this statement during a meeting with the commanders of the Czech Armed Forces, the ČTK news agency reports.

“This is not the best starting point for surviving a difficult winter and succeeding against an enemy that has used all its time, learned its lessons, increased its military production, stepped up its military production plans and is today capable of delivering as much or more equipment and ammunition to Ukraine , than we are able to supply from the West,” said Peter Pavel.

According to the Czech leader, the Ukrainian counteroffensive is not developing as expected in Ukraine. In particular, Western support was not massive and fast enough. But the time that was spent on preparation allowed the Russians to prepare “very well” for the offensive of the Ukrainian troops.

Pavel emphasized that the supply of weapons that Ukraine needs is still slowed down and even now does not reach the required level. The Ukrainian military feels not only understandable fatigue, but also increasingly disappointed in the support of the West, the Czech president noted. He also added that this fatigue is experienced not only by the warring countries, but also by all countries that support one of the parties, since the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine carries a “great risk.”

“This will lead to growing pressure to end the conflict with some kind of agreement. An agreement, if it is reached, will, of course, be based on the real situation on the battlefield,” Pavel concluded.

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Arms supplies to Ukraine: latest news

On November 21, Germany announced a new package of military assistance to Ukraine totaling 1.3 billion euros. It will include four additional IRIS-T-SLM air defense systems, 20 thousand 155-mm artillery ammunition and other weapons.

The day before, new assistance was announced in the United States of America. In particular, Ukraine will receive one highly mobile artillery missile system HIMARS. The package also includes artillery ammunition, anti-tank weapons and other equipment.

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